Thursday, July 30, 2009

Psychozine magazine and my infinite obsession w/eyes

In early 2002 my sister and I began creating an independently published scene magazine called "Psychozine Magazine" we interviewed local bands, artists and designers. We released 4 issues. The most creative of these issues was the first. The issue was shelved on magazine stores racks in October of the same year. Each magazine was sealed air tight in plastic and came with 3 pieces of Halloween candy, which we saw fitting considering it was our spooky issue and featured an interview with Peter Murphy and Dead Jesus!
Listed on the cover: Ian Mckenna, Dead Jesus, Wednesday Night Heroes, Les Tabernacles, Assemblage 23, Nothing At All and Peter Murphy.

I got very interested in designing (graphics) that year also. The images of our Psycho business cards are pre graphic design education! My infinite obsession with eyes started here and has continued to this very day. When I can get away with it I incorporate

eyes into almost everything I design. Except my fashion design sketches, which for the most part are missing their eyes! Hmmm

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