Monday, July 27, 2009

Work and Weekends

So I have begun the process of production on my next collection, S/S 2010. I plan on posting pics as I go along, that way you can see the process in action. I am also designing a magazine called "The Alberta Question" comming soon to a newsstand near you.

This last weekend was dedicated to my son and the arrival of our new family member, Saraphena Tarantulas, she's a German Wirehaired Pointer X. We adopted her from the Lloydminister SPCA. She's a doll and Hairy (aka Debbie Hairy my Cocka-poo/Shitzu) is adjusting well to a new dog in the household. Sebastien (my son) is taking the training very seriously and working hard to develope positive habits for Saraphena and himself. Saraphena turns one on my sons 8th Birthday. They plan on celebrating together with a superb Tiki Party and tones of guests. Pictures will follow in the next few days.

If your thinking about getting a Dog or Cat, consider adopting a shelter animal, they are healthy happy creatures looking for a forever home. I find them to be greatful and if you research your breeds and find a good pick that suites your family needs, you can search local SPCA's and shelters till the right one shows up.

Bats n' Kisses,

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