Monday, August 10, 2009

ahh life!

I remember when my boy was only a little creature, hm about yay high, running a muck and getting into copious amounts of trouble. Sebastien just turned 8, had his first real birthday party (which was so much fun) and is growing into an intelligent, determined young man. He can even tell you what a chrysalis is? Which is something I was truly unaware of. He loves spiders and bugs, lizards and snakes, Billy Talent and Kiss and helps clean up his dogs poo too! Wow my little creature is turning into a big monster, the good kind.

He is sick today, got an unsettled tummy. I can't go rescue him cause I'm stuck at work, not that work is sticky though, I just can't leave. He will have to suck it up and try to keep it together. I hope it's not a flu.
-pic courtesy of EFW- Sebastien Howard modelling Cherie Howard f/w 2009

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