Monday, August 24, 2009

Ch ch ch ch ch ch Cherry Bomb

"Hello World I'm You're Wild Girl, I'm You're" - Runaways
In 1999 I began showing collections and producing fashion shows under the name Cherry Bomb Designs. While I was in school in 2004 I designed this lovely Cherry Bomb logo (notice the mask, the mask is a Cherie Howard brand thing) with the hopes of using it to launch my new collection (at the time). Well that never happened, cause I found at least half a dozen similar businesses using the same "Cherry Bomb" name. Major bummer! So I decided to change my design name and went through a few in the process. One of my favorites was GlamBam, a friend brilliantly designed my logo and I released 2 small collections under the name. I got rid of the GlamBam name cause I think it should have been GlamVam! I still might do it one day "GlamVam". Any who, designing under your own name is a no loose bet, considering I own my name and I've been using it now for 30 years :) and I still have a few wicked names up my sleeve, waiting to be used for spontaneous collector collections.

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